Anco Turkey has been crafted to provide a lean, nutritious source of protein for your dog’s diet. Known for its high digestibility and hypoallergenic properties, turkey dog treats are an ideal protein source for dogs, especially those with dietary sensitivities.

Rich in nutrients such as B vitamins, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus, but also being low in fat, Turkey is an excellent choice for dogs who are looking to maintain a healthy weight whilst retaining and building muscle.


Anco Naturals Turkey Foot
Chondroitin and Calcium rich chew - x 1pc
Anco Turkey Pate 200g
Anco Turkey Pate contains the superfood Chia as well as a herbal mix to aid digestion
Anco Naturals Turkey Wings 6pk
Crunchy treat high in protein - 6pk
Anco Naturals Turkey Necks 2pk
Mineral rich crunchy treat - 2pk
Anco Naturals Turkey Feet 2pk
Chondroitin and Calcium rich chew - 2pk
Anco Naturals Turkey Neck
Mineral rich crunchy treat - x 1pc
Anco Turkey Pate 400g
Anco Turkey Pate contains the superfood Chia as well as a herbal mix to aid digestion
Anco Trainers Turkey 65g
Bitesize treats made from 100% air dried Turkey - 65g

Turkey Dog Treats – 100% Natural, Hypoallergenic, and Nutrient-Rich

Turkey is not only a superior source of protein but also low in fat, making it perfect for maintaining healthy weight while supporting muscle development. It’s highly digestible, which means easy absorption of nutrients without the strain on your dog’s digestive system.

Our turkey dog treats are abundant in:

B Vitamins: Crucial for energy metabolism and overall good health.

Selenium: Supports immune function and antioxidant processes.

Zinc and Phosphorus: Vital for healthy bones and overall cellular repair.

These nutrients make turkey an excellent choice for dogs needing specific dietary support, including those looking to build or retain muscle mass without gaining excess weight.

Additionally, turkey’s hypoallergenic qualities make these treats a safe choice for dogs with allergies to more common protein sources such as beef or chicken. This makes our turkey dog treats not just a tasty option but also a mindful one, helping to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Choose our Anco Turkey range and allow your dog to benefit from:

Lean protein: Supports weight management and muscle health.

Hypoallergenic: Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities.

Rich in nutrients: Packed with vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy diet.

Pure and natural: Free from artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours.

Turkey Dog Treats by Anco offer a safe and convenient way to enhance your dog’s diet with high-quality protein and essential nutrients, supporting their health and vitality. Shop the full Turkey range above or get in touch for more info.

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