At Anco, we hand source the finest ingredients and gently air dry to preserve as many natural vitamins and nutrients as possible - which we believe is the optimal way.

All our products are completely natural, and therefore it is possible products you receive may vary in colour, size and smell (any size stated is an approximate). Furthermore, our hairy range may differ in regard to the volume of hair. These products are not faulty, they may be higher in nutrition and taste. All our products have been through quality control checks and therefore anything you receive is of the highest standard.


Anco are a family-owned company based in Scotland who have over 30 years experience in the pet industry. Specialising in 100% natural dog treats, we have a wide variety of tasty treats to choose from. Our ranges keep things pure and simple by letting mother nature do all the work. We only source the finest ingredients and gently air dry or cold press to preserve the natural nutrients and flavours.

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