Eco Refill Bags

Anco is dedicated to minimising environmental impact while delivering premium natural treats for your dog. By choosing our Eco Refill Bags, you not only enjoy cost savings, but also play a pivotal role in reducing packaging waste. Our Eco Bags are also fully recyclable! Better for your wallet, better for the planet.


Fully Recyclable | Cost Saving | Reusable 


Anco Naturals Beef Paddywack Eco-Bag 1.5kg

Low fat chew rich in Zinc - 1.5kg 

Anco Naturals Mini Bully Muscle Stick Eco-Bag 1kg

High protein, low fat dental aid snack - 1kg

Anco Naturals Puffed Rabbit Ears Eco-Bag 500g

Puffed treat, low in cholesterol and high in Chondroitin - 500g

Anco Naturals Chicken Jerky Eco-Bag 1kg

Tasty treats that's high in protein - 1kg

Anco Oceans Dried Baltic Sprats Eco-Bag 1kg

Hypoallergenic and Omega Rich - 1kg

Anco Naturals Lamb Horn Marrows Eco-Bag 1.5kg

Fat free crunchy dental chew - 1kg

Anco Naturals Puffed Chicken Feet Eco-Bag 750g

Puffed treat rich in Omega oils and Chondroitin - 750g

Anco Naturals Rabbit Ears Eco-Bag 600g

Low in cholesterol and high in chondroitin - 600g

Anco Naturals Puffed Pig Snouts Eco-bag 18pcs

Low fat puffed pork treat - x18pcs 

Anco Naturals Chicken Feet Eco-Bag 1kg

Rich in Omega oils and Chondroitin - 1kg

Anco Naturals Beef Tendons Eco-Bag 1kg

Low fat, high protein dental chew - 1kg

Anco Naturals Hairy Rabbit Ears Eco-Bag 700g

Vitamin rich and low in cholesterol hair on treat - 700g

Anco Naturals Hairy Rabbit Feet Eco-bag 1kg

Hair on treats that are low in cholesterol and rich in Vitamin B12 - 1kg 

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Anco are a family-owned company based in Scotland who have over 30 years experience in the pet industry. Specialising in 100% natural dog treats, we have a wide variety of tasty treats to choose from. Our ranges keep things pure and simple by letting mother nature do all the work. We only source the finest ingredients and gently air dry or cold press to preserve the natural nutrients and flavours.

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